What’s Your Story?

We Drive Results Via Bold Digital Storytelling

The Diverse Group (TDG) develops digital campaigns that help companies elevate their brand, drive demand and generate more sales. We have decades of expertise working with startups, big tech, non-profits and consumer packaged goods companies of all sizes.

Be Authentic

Customers are tired of spin and now demand honest, transparent relationships with companies. Communicating as an authentic brand means investing time to discover what your brand stands for. Prior to kicking off any campaign, The Diverse Group holds workshops with client teams to help discover the core messages they wish to share. Once messaging is decided, it’s our job to promote this to the biggest possible audience. If you’re looking to share your new industry buzzwords we’re probably not the right fit and suggest you try connecting with our friends below.

Client Spotlight


We formed the core messaging and managed all digital marketing and communications for this startup in the international localization space. Coverage included MSNBC, Slator, The Asia Times and Forbes. Also led investor relations during their acquisition to TransPerfect.


We’re leading the public relations efforts for this pioneer in a new software category for the recruiting industry called Human Intelligence Hiring that helps companies build diverse, winning teams. We’re also leading advisory board outreach and investor communications.

Spray and Pray?

Want to know the PR industry’s dirty secret? Most agencies hire junior account executives, have them buy reporter lists, copy & paste pitches, and blast out to anyone with an email address. At The Diverse Group, we get results the hard way; through trusted media connections, compelling storytelling and a hell of a lot of hustle.

If I was down to my last marketing dollar, I’d spend it on public relations.

Bill Gates